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500 Pesos Mexican Banknote from 1984

Posted by Magdiel Lagunas on Sunday, February 26, 2012, In : Mexican Banknotes 

This is my 500 pesos Mexican Bill from 1984 and It portraits in the front the writer, the politician, and one of the presidents of Mexico that governed the country from November 1911 to February 1913. The serie of this bill is EH with the number C0381098.

In the back you can se an emblematic stone used in several coins and bills and it's called "The Aztec Calendar Sun Stone"

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2000 Reis Brazil Coin from 1908

Posted by Magdiel Lagunas on Friday, February 24, 2012, In : Brazilian Coins 

I just got from a relative this Brazilian silver coin 2000 Reis from 1908 and obviously the condition of the coin is not great. I tried to find more information about this coin but most of what I found was not in English. Any comments about this coin are greatly appreciated.

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